Custom CNC Machining Services, CNC Prototyping Services In China
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CNC Prototyping Services

CNC Prototyping Services

Test your new product or part before taking it to production with a rapid prototype. Your prototype will allow you to test form and function while ensuring it has been designed appropriately for manufacturing.


Offer An Excellent Level Of Quality, Service And Reliability. Low Cost. International Business. 12,000 Quadratmeter. Competitive Advantages. Amenities: rapid prototyping service.
Metal stamping Services

Metal stamping Services

After initial consultation, detailed proposals and proposed project timetables will be provided. We will make every effort and deliver all contents to you in advance in accordance with the regulations.
Precision Casting Services

Precision Casting Services

A World-Class Casting Foundry In Low Cost Country, IATF16949+ISO14001. lost wax investment castings and machined parts in carbon steel and alloy steel.

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CNC Prototyping Services
5-10 20-25
CNC-Aluminiumbearbeitung 5-10 20-25
CNC-Fräsdienste 5-10 20-25
CNC-Drehdienste 5-10 20-25
Bearbeitungsdienste für Drehmaschinen 10-15 20-55
5 Achsbearbeitung 10-15 20-30

China CNC Machining Services

GuangDong Ruxian Technology Group Co., GmbH. deckt einen Bereich von mehr als 6,000 Quadratmeter, hat mehr als 200 Präzisionsausrüstung, und eine monatliche Produktionskapazität von 80 Millionen Stück. Provide CNC Rapid Prototyping Services, CNC-Drehdienste, CNC-Fräsdienste, CNC-Aluminiumbearbeitung, 5 Achsbearbeitung, Bearbeitungsdienste für Drehmaschinen, etc.. UAVs, medical, electronics, machinery, communications, toys, smart devices, etc..

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    CNC Rapid Prototyping Services
    Aluminum CNC Machining Services
    5 Achsbearbeitung
    Bearbeitungsdienste für Drehmaschinen

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