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Quickly play CNC machining


No matter which line you are in, you want to become an elite in the industry, you need to go through time and experience, and constantly improve your work efficiency. In the field of cnc processing, if you want to become a CNC master, from school to factory, at least After more than six years of philosophy, it is necessary to have the theory of engineers and the practical operation experience and archer ability of senior technicians. In fact, it is not difficult to process the student number cnc. To become an excellent craftsman, Through long-term study and accumulation, the following technologies and requirements need to be met:

  • Familiar with the mechanism and process characteristics of milling, drilling, grinding, boring, turning and planing machines;
  • Need to be familiar with the performance of processed materials;
  • Solid tool theory knowledge and master the conventional cutting performance and cutting amount of the tool;
  • Familiar with the company’s process specifications and code of conduct, familiar with the general requirements of various processes, the process route of conventional parts, reasonable material consumption and processing time of workpiece;
  • Collect a certain amount of tools, machinery and related materials of machine tool standards, especially need to be familiar with the tool system used by CNC machine tools;
  • Familiar with the selection and maintenance of coolant;
  • Need to have a common sense understanding of the relevant public, such as casting, electrical processing and heat treatment;
  • Need to have a good fixture base;
  • Understand the assembly and use requirements of the processed parts;
    There is a better measurement technology foundation.

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