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Q1. What service can you supply?

Our main services include: “CNC plastic prototype, CNC metal rapid prototyping, CNC wood rapid prototype, automotive equipment prototype, medical equipment prototype, CNC machining Parts, lathe parts processing, etc. ”

Q2. How to ensure that every process’s quality?

Every process will be checked by our quality inspection department which insures every product’s quality. In the production of products, we will personally go to the factory to check the quality of products.

Q3. How long is your delivery time??

Our delivery time is generally 30 to 45 days. Or according to the quantity.

Q4. Do you have any MOQ Limited ?

AWe havent any limited about MOQ .Sample and mass production all can support.

Q5. How to keep our product information and design file secret ?

We are willing to sign a NDA effect by customers side local law and promising tokeep customers data in high confidential level.

Q6. How long does it take for CNC Prototype and machining Quote ?

All quotations can be completed within 12-24 hours, if simple, it can be completed within 6 hours, complicated once or more 12-24 hours can be completed.

Q7. How about the delivery?

Normally, for sample order, our delivery is about 6-10 days.For small batch, our delivery is about 7 days.For mass production batch, our delivery is about 10-18 days.
But that depends on the real condition when we get your order.
If your order is urgently please contact us directly ,we will priority to deal it and do ourbest to give you satisfied delivery time.

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