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Metal Stamping Parts

Yijin Hardware has high-precision and high-speed stamping equipment. Stamping is a method of forming and processing workpieces (stamped parts) by applying external force to plates, strips, pipes, and profiles by means of presses and dies to plastically deform or separate them. These devices are used in metal stamping, sheet metal, and provide services to global electrical power, new energy vehicles, high-voltage arc extinguishing, automotive, printers and smart homes. Partners include ABB, Schneider, Higer, Jungheinrich, China Electric Power, Leelen, Dnake , etc. We have an excellent technical team, and have accumulated rich experience in meeting customers’ special requirements for electrical, magnetic permeability, and mechanical assembly. And in 2008 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, has a variety of advanced processing equipment and sufficient testing equipment to meet customers’ high-quality requirements in many aspects. Yijin Hardware has an electroplating plant, and also provides electroplating development and high-end plating services such as chemical nickel, fog nickel, electrolytic nickel, zinc-nickel alloy, etc. Yijin Hardware has sophisticated high-end talents, tell us what you need We will solve your difficulties for you. Contact us and look forward to providing you with professional hardware parts and machining services.

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