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WHY CHOOSE Ruxian Technology Group?

Guangdong Ruxian Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established nearly 20 years . It has been pursuing high precision hardware parts and CNC turning, CNC milling, metal stamping and non-standard fasteners with a production pass rate of 99.9%.
Guangdong Ruxian Technology Group Co., Ltd.’s production range includes material cutting, CNC finishing, metal stamping, polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, anodizing, highlighting, and laser engraving. Products include aluminum alloy decorative panels, aluminum alloy frames, aluminum handles for household appliances; various types of radiators; aluminum structural parts for smart equipment, smart home, medical sports equipment and automobiles; other aluminum precision appearance parts and metal stamping parts.
In order to pursue the high quality requirements of many industries around the world, Ruxian Technology Group has purchased the best German CNC milling machines, Swiss CNC lathes, German screw machines and Japanese high-precision testing equipment on the market. We have CNC 3 axes, 4 Axis, 5 axis, high-speed 30T stamping equipment, die-casting equipment, high-precision screw machine, cold heading machine, and we are constantly pursuing technological breakthroughs and training talents.
When you need high-quality product accuracy and complete processing services, Ruxian Technology Group can help you with design concepts, product development, mass production and other hardware components expertise and professional processing cooperation. Call us or email us today, мы можем немедленно предоставить вам 24-часовые профессиональные услуги и профессиональное сотрудничество по обработке. Усилиями всех коллег Ruxian Technology Group, компания продолжает стабильно развиваться, и поддерживает долгосрочные хорошие отношения сотрудничества с глобальными аэрокосмическими, военный, медицинская, и коммуникационные компании. Качество и точность продукции были оценены и высоко оценены всеми клиентами.
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